Technology is an Open Road

Technology is an Open Road

... are you ready for the trip?

But If You Don't Know Where You're Headed

But If You Don't Know Where You're Headed

... how do you expect to get there?

Our Job is to Show You the Options

Our Job is to Show You the Options

... you choose the route

Slip into the driver's seat

Slip into the driver's seat

... we'll get you where you are going

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The Internet is More Than Just Another Adspace

It's a super highway.  It can lead you anywhere, and lead anyone to YOU. What will you say when you have the public at your front door? Think for a second but don't hesitate.  The sky is the limit... not your wallet... or your options.

You can go in any direction, but where do you start? OpenStretch can help - by putting the technology and options within your reach, giving you the control, helping you navigate that road, and using it to your advantage.


Web design

A great website doesn't have to cost you a 'great' amount of money. Good design is within reach of any customer, large and small. Working to get the look and feel that's just right for you is our primary goal.
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Technology Consulting

Things change very quickly in today's technology landscape. What was only possible for the 'Big Guys' just a few years ago is commonplace for everyone now, and things are always evolving. Our specialty is bringing affordable solutions to you.
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Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, just to name a few, are more and more tied into our personal, public and business lives. Integrating social media with your site isn't hard, nor is it expensive. But it IS vital. We can show you how.
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Hosting solutions

Don't worry about finding a place for your site to live. OpenStretch can offer you robust, nationally recognized services at a discounted price. Hosting, Email, Domain Registration, Cloud Storage and Backup, we have you covered.
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